Ultra Precision Inc.

While the manufacturing end of Ultra Precision's operations may be the area that receives the most attention, the job does not end there. After each piece has run it's course through the shop it is then placed in the Inspection department. Every component that is worked on is put through a scrutinizing analysis. No part is omitted and all dimensions are checked.
The department is manned by journeyman toolmakers who are adept at the idiosyncrasies of dimensional accuracy. The department is also equipped with modern gauging instruments that are calibrated regularly to guarantee each part is perfect. All orders are shipped out with accompanying inspection reports documenting accuracy.
When the tooling passes final inspection it is placed in the capable hands of the shipping department. Each order is given careful attention to ensure they are wrapped and boxed securely. When the customer receives an order there will be no surprises. The tooling will be faultless and unharmed. The only surprise that may arise is how fast your order was turned around, and how well it performs.