Ultra Precision Inc.

At Ultra Precision Inc., the word precision isn't just a part of our name, it is what we do. It is the determination to design & build world-class precision tooling and components that has been the mettle of the company since it's inception in 1969. By delivering to the customer the highest quality tooling in a cost-effective and timely fashion, Ultra Precision allows it's customers to maximize their success in a competitive marketplace.
By utilizing the most current CAD Engineering technology possible, Ultra Precision's Engineering Department is the starting point to the process that produces expertly crafted tooling. Most of the engineers' daily goals are rooted in designing high quality tooling components. However, another ally in the customer's corner is the exhaustive searches that the engineers provide looking for improvements and solutions to the most devilish of manufacturing predicaments. Ultra's growth is predicated on the growth of it's customers, and by assisting to find solutions and design innovations that can aid in the customer's manufacturing process, a strong partnership is formed. This partnership has a simple goal: Make the absolute best tooling possible. Obviously the customer wants the best, but Ultra's expectations exceed even those of the customer. Give our engineers a chance to solve your most troublesome tooling requirements. They'll do the work, but you can take the credit.