Ultra Precision Inc.

The tool and die roots of Ultra Precision centered around traditional grinding capabilities. The employees back in the early years of the company could only have dreamed about the type of work being performed in Ultra Precision's EDM department. What was fantasized about many years ago is not only a reality today, but a reality that is still growing and expanding.
The advent of more intricate die designs brought on by today's wave of technological advances, has given birth to an exceptional area of expertise in Ultra's already far reaching team of toolmakers. The EDM department consists of two parts, standard EDM and wire EDM. While both can stand alone, teamed together they make almost any tooling request plausible for fabrication. Both departments are equipped with state of the art machines. However, as with any machine, the person behind the controls is what makes the operation run.
This is where Ultra can separate itself from the competition. None of the individuals in this department are strictly "button-pushers". Each person is trained to program and debug the machine. By becoming intimately aware of the machines' capabilities and operating procedures, these employees can handle the most arduous dimensional requirements and tolerances.
These superior machines and workers also spell the end to the crusty finishes later day EDM machines used to produce. In fact, with a polishing facility contained within the department, any micro finish request is feasible. To make this department even more customer-friendly, bear in mind that it is in operation around the clock. Utilize this department and your lead time headaches are alleviated and your dies run trouble-free.